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AS8_2808The Forum complex is located in 9 km. from Minsk (route P28 “Minsk-Molodechno”) in the environmentally friendly territory. The complex settles down in one of the coziest places on a bosom of the original Belarusian nature filled with rich natural components, a sincere cosiness and tranquility.

The territory of a complex occupies 5,679 hectares. also takes place in the picturesque coniferous wood in 10 minutes of walking from the Zaslavsky reservoir. Climate in a complex zone soft, equal, moderate and continental.

The Forum complex and Minsk connects regular transport connection as public transport (from the station “Centralnay” to the “Youniy Komunnar” station), and cabs. Besides, in a complex services of a transfer are made.

The Forum complex has a passport zone of sanitary protection. The complex was put into operation in 2015.

The complex consists of the hotel block (hotel, restaurant with a terrace and the billiard hall) and the improving block (saunas, the pool about a hot tub, gym, the conference hall), and also there are other rooms and buildings on purpose (the check point, a boiler room, the station of deferrization of water, transformer substation, the pavilion of rest of seasonal type, the economic block with garages and the protected parking). The hotel block is a modern the six-storied building, with the capacity of 204 beds and including spacious restaurant with a terrace on 200 seats. From restaurant the beautiful view of the forest area and the territory of a complex opens. The menu of restaurant, generally consists of dishes of national Belarusian and European cuisines.

In the hotel’s building the billiard hall equipped with two billiard tables, modern stock and the equipment is also located. The department store and library is open for visitors. Engineering support of a complex autonomous with plumbing and sanitary. On an object the modern station of deferrization of water, an ecological boiler room and economic transformer substation is established. Much attention is paid to maintenance of an order and improvement of the territory. there arewalking paths and “the health track” is organized (around the territory).

In the territory the platform for occupation is equipped with game sports (soccer, volleyball, basketball, table tennis and badminton). The improving block is a modern three-storyed building in which are: The SPA zone with saunas, the pool and a hot tub, the gym equipped with functional exercise machines, a modern conference room, with a capacity up to 200 people, equipped with cabins for simultaneous interpretation and sign language translation, the advanced audio and video the technical equipment (including the projection screen) for carrying out online of conferences.

For holding meetings, seminars, negotiations, courses, trainings, round tables, the presentations in the improving block technically completed audiences of various capacity settle down. The material and technical resources of a complex are completely provided with office equipment. In all territory wireless Internet access is provided. On balance of a complex there are buses and minibuses with a capacity from 6 to 51 seat.

To services of guests of a complex: hotel with free Wi-Fi, restaurant and a terrace near the marvelous pine wood, three lonely arbors with braziers, water and electricity, the certain pavilion for rest of the company to 10 people.